How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades with a Bench Grinder

How to sharpen lawn mower blades with a bench grinder

How to sharpen lawn mower blades with a bench grinder? Using a bench grinder to sharpen your lawnmower blade is considered a modern, quick and efficient technique that gives a good and smooth look to your lawnmower blade.

But the important thing is to take care of the whole procedure so that you don’t harm your lawn mower while sharpening its blade. You must know about the gadgets you will handle while sharpening your lawn mowers blade.

This guide will help you go through the procedure smoothly and sharpen your lawn mover blade without harming it correctly.

What is a lawn mower?lawn mover

A lawn mower is an electronic gadget used to provide an even and fresh look to your garden by trimming and cutting the extra growing grass from there. It is necessary to have a lawn mower if you have a lawn at your place because taking care of your garden somehow comes with hygiene measures.

So if you will not cut the grass properly at the correct times, it will not only give you a bad appearance on your lawn, but it will also become highly susceptible to the small insects and other harmful bacteria that may harm your lawn and the other plants in it. The lawn mower contains blades that refine the look of your garden.

This blade spins at the speed of 3,000 revolutions per minute and cuts down the grass as you make it pass over it from the whole land gradually. The way the blades will cut the grass depends upon the blades’ angle and shape. But these blades get rough and less sharp with time and the rounds of use.

For this, it is necessary to keep sharpening your lawn mowers blades at specific intervals. You can use different tools for this purpose, like Sharpe Knife, Tool Sharpener, and Scissors Sharpeners, but the tool considered the best for this task is a bench grinder.

What is a bench grinder?What is a bench grinder

A bench grinder is a high-end sharpening tool used to sharpen wood, metals, knives, blades, and many other materials to give them a refined and sharpened look.

Those people who have lawns in their houses and like to develop a small home workshop have this gadget at their home for the sharpening purpose of different materials.

Bench grinders have different types of wheels, and the type of wheel you are going to use depends upon the material on which you want to use the bench grinder. It is a handy tool and helps you to save time and money by sharpening your gadgets quickly at home.

When to sharpen the blades of your lawn mower?

If you have a lawnmower, you should know how far you have to sharpen your lawnmower blades and how important it is.

  • So a lawn mower needs a sharpening tool at regular intervals, especially when you have used it many times after buying it.
  • If you have not sharpened your lawn mower blades in a while, it is the right time to do it immediately.
  • Take care while using the lawn mower so it doesn’t touch any rocky path or other stony objects in your lawn.
  • If it happens, immediately sharpen the blades without wasting your time; otherwise, the blades will start getting ruined, and bacteria will start their growth at the rough edges, which will not only harm your gadget but are also a bad sign for the health of your garden.
  • Keep an eye on the performance of your lawn mower.
  • If you notice that it is not doing its work correctly and not properly cutting the grass, then sharpen its blade without using it as is for an extended period.

Why is it necessary to sharpen the blades of a lawn mower?

  • If you do not do so, your gadget will start losing its life span.
  • Keeping your lawn mower in a new condition always needs proper care. The basic one is sharpening its blades.
  • If you do not sharpen the rough blades, they will never give your garden a right and exact fresh condition. In this way, the purpose of using a lawnmower gets finished when you use a rough lawnmower.
  • It will affect the grass of your garden badly, and as a result, the grass will start growing indefinitely.

How to sharpen lawn mower blades with a bench grinder?How to sharpen lawn mower blades with a bench grinder?

If you use the bench grinder to sharpen your lawn mower blades, you should have proper guidance regarding the steps you have to do here.

Step 1: Remove the blade

As you sharpen the blade, you have to remove the blade from the lawn mower. For this, you have to take some precautionary measures.

  • You have to remove the spark plugs.
  • Remove them from gas-powered lawnmowers and electrical models.
  • You have to prevent any gas and oil spill, for which you should always keep the face of the carburetor upside down.
  • The blade is dull; that’s why you are going to sharpen it, but it is still a blade.
  • This is the point of higher safety where you have to remove the blade without harming yourself because it may cut your skin even in damaged condition.
  • Put gloves over one hand and pick the blade from that hand while using the other hand to lose the bolt.

Step 2: Clear the blade

Clearing the blade after taking it from the lawn mower is very important. People start sharpening it right after taking it out from the lawn mower, which is not the right way. It would be best to clean the blade thoroughly before sharpening it so that any extra dirt, grass pieces, and other fibers will disappear.

You can also use water and soap for this purpose and keep cleaning it until you get a sharp edge.

Step 3: Safety measures

As you are now going to use the bench grinder, it is essential to follow some safety measures, including wearing gloves, full sleeves shirt, a face mask, and an eye guard. Make sure not to be in a hurry; otherwise, you will harm yourself, so keep calm and do this by following all the precautions correctly.

Step 4: Sharp the blade

Now the time has come. You have to bring your blade in at a right angle in front of the bench grinder, sharpening the wheel revolving at high speed. The right angle may be between 30 to 40 degrees.

Step 5: Keep your blade cool

Not get so busy and dedicated to the procedure right in front of you because you have to take care of so many other things while sharpening the blade.

Remember that the bench grinder will heat your blade naturally because friction is produced between both materials. But you have to keep your blade cool enough. If you neglect this point, your blade may get too hot, which will bend, and it is just a waste now.

Step 6: Place the blade back into the lawn mower

If you think your blade has got enough sharpened, remove it from the position and turn off the bench grinder. Now it is the time to place the refined and sharpened blade back into its exact position.

You have to reverse the procedure of taking the blade out, but this time you have to use a wooden block instead of your hand for safety. Put the top side of the blade up and the downside down. Tighten the nut but don’t go for a hard hand; otherwise, it will be challenging to take it out afterward whenever you have to sharpen the blade next.

Best Bench grinder to choose from:

A wide variety is available when choosing a bench grinder, but it is important to know the qualities of the best bench grinder to select the right one for yourself.

  • The wheels of the bench grinder should be 8-inch.
  • Choose a well-balanced grinder.
  • Go for the one which is quite heavy.
  • The motor of the bench grinder should not make noise.

Final verdict:

Choosing a bench grinder to sharpen your lawn mower tool can be the best choice because it helps to save time and gives you the sharpened blade you want.

You can also adjust the level of sharpening of the blade depending on the level of thickness of your grass. So overall, using the bench grinder to sharpen a lawnmower blade will be a highly convenient process. Still, the proper procedure and all the precautionary measures are the most important thing in this matter.

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