How to Test Water Heater Element Without Multimeter

water heater testing without multimeter

As a water heater is an artificial device, its performance goes down and needs to be replaced or maintained with time. We can test a water heater element without a multimeter if you don’t have one.

As the name indicates, the water heater is an appliance that raises the temperature of the water, and its element serves as a backbone that assists in transferring heat to water. The heater element is made of a metallic rod. 

How to test water heater element without a multimetertest water heater element

The water heater element requires regular checkups to keep it working efficiently.

Most electricians use a multimeter, but it is not available easily at home, so we’ll tell you how to test a water heater element without a multimeter.

The process of its testing is based on some easy steps you have to perform.

Required Tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Tester
  • Alligator clamp
  • Testing Probe

Step 1: Cut Off the Power

It is common sense that when you work on something electrical, it is necessary to cut the power connection first. Look out for its electric panel, then disconnect the power.

Step 2: Remove the Cover

A covering protects water heater elements, and you’ll have to remove it. Detach the cover by driving the screws out.

Step 3: Examination

After pulling out the protective layer, inspect the endpoint wires. Place your tester at the wires, and if it flashes light, remove the testers at first because it indicates that power has not been cut off properly.

Step 4: Operate

Take an alligator clamp, first disconnect the wire from the element screws, then place the clamp on one screw and test probe on another.

Step 5: Observation

After placing the clamp on the element, observe. If it doesn’t illuminate, it’s fine; don’t replace that. But if it lightens up, exchange it.

How to Replace a water heater element

Drain out all of the reserved water through the hose. When it is all empty, remove the impaired water heater element and place a new one.

Preventive Measures

The process requires proper attention, and any small mistake could lead to big regret. To avoid trouble, keep these preventive measures in mind. Place the water heater away from any combustible object in a ventilated area to escape gas.

Now you understand how to test a water heater element without a multimeter. Pick up your tools, feel the vibes of an electrician and head straight toward your heater.

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