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Hi, I’m Sophia, owner of mrfixitca.com and an Electrical Engineer from Duke University. I’ve been running my electrical warehouse in Sacramento for 8 years.


Our team comprises dedicated professional Engineers, researchers, and experienced DIY enthusiasts who completed hundreds of projects in home improvement, Electronics, Wood Working, welding, and interior and exterior decoration.


We are committed to

We started this blog to gain and share knowledge within different doamains. Our goal is to sort out your minor to complicated hurdles in frugal living and Home improvements, decoration, handyman tasks, and tool selection to save time and money and keep you focused on your job.

We are committed to providing valuable and up-to-date knowledge at zero cost, to groom anyone skills for who seeks guidance in DIY and wants to thrive on a limited budget.

Our core interest is to provide well-researched, updated, tested, and verified information in our inspirative ideas, so our readers can get updated with DIY home design and decoration, accomplish a handyman project, or learn anything related to electrical tools and their use.

We’ll be pleased to hear your suggestions, feedback, or any error in our content to improve our knowledge. You can contact us via email or the contact form on the contact page.

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Mrfixitca is an emerging brand that inspires and empowers students, hobbyists, and professionals in

We provide insightful tips and guidance to help you repair, maintain and upgrade your daily use gadgets, decorate your homes, and tools guide to ease your lifestyle with cost-effective practices to save your time and energy to be used in productivity.

As home improvement is the best investment, thousands of related products are launched yearly, aiming to provide comfort and a better living experience. We test every product we write about to help you select quality and durable products for a long-lasting experience.

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Our team writes content on this website. Here are a few steps we consider while writing posts.

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