How to Connect Wires without a Soldering Iron

Connect Wires without a Soldering Iron

This is a world where more than half of our activities depend upon electricity, and when there is a matter of electricity, the wires are the basics. So when we are up to make any connection, then we have to join the wires to make a complete circuit.

This case also requires material like a soldering iron to connect them. This is a tricky method and requires some time also. There are so many other problems that people mostly like to avoid using a soldering iron to connect two wires.

People mostly move towards different methods which they can use to connect two wires without using a soldering iron.

Here in this article, we will tell you some amazing methods which you can use to connect two wires without using a soldering iron, and we will tell you how it would be so easy to follow these methods.

The methods we will share with you will require some tools and materials. So you will have a great variety of methods in this article; it will help you if you do not have enough tools available for one method. Then you can skip it and can move toward the next one.

We hope that many of the below-explained methods can help you to do your task easily without the soldering iron.

Types of wires connections:

There are so many types of different connections for which you can use these methods of connecting wires; as we know that electricity requires a complete circular pathway, so for this reason, you have to connect the wires.

You can use this method if you are going to make a new connection or use these methods of connecting wires if any breakage occurs between two wires. In the end, this is a matter of connecting the wires so that electricity can get a complete pathway.

Preventive measures

Now we will tell you a few amazing methods of connecting two wires without using the soldering iron, so here we will also enlist the precautionary measures for you because this is a matter of electricity, and you need to be protected enough while conducting these methods.

To make sure you know how to handle all these things, you should know how to start any of the below-explained methods of connecting the wires efficiently in the right manner. Here we are going to enlist some prior steps you have to do before starting any of the methods of connecting wires.

Turn off the appliance.

When you touch the electrical wires, there should not be any electricity in them because it will be very dangerous for you if those wires would be active with electricity. So whenever you are meant to follow any of the connecting methods, make sure that those wires have no electricity.

In this regard, you have to turn off the appliance with which these wires are connected before making sure you are not allowed to conduct any method of joining the wires.

Strip the wire:

Most people need to learn what stripping is, so here in this article, we will also tell you briefly about this term.

Stripping is how you uncover the electrical wire by removing its insulation cover. This process requires complete knowledge, so when you strip the wire, ensure you do not cut the wire to a great length. Cut the wire only in small lengths; after that, uncover the small area of the wire by removing its insulation. Don’t uncover the large area of wire from the insulation because it will cause damage to you.

After cutting the wire, you have to nicely and precisely uncover the wire from the insulation because this will help you connect the two wires. Make sure to follow the same procedure for the joining ends of both wires.

Twist the wires:

You will not be able to connect both wires without twisting them. Some people make this mistake and apply the methods of connecting wires without twisting them, so make sure to twist the wires to make a loop-like structure. It will help to make a more precise connection between them; otherwise, the connection will be vulnerable to breakage.

How to connect the wires without a soldering iron

Here we will explain different methods you can use to connect two wires. We want to explain two more things: wire joining methods are two categories.

There are some methods you should use if you want to make a temporary connection between the wires, and the methods you have to use to make a permanent connection are in the second category. So make sure you choose the perfect method according to your needs. We will move from the temporary to the permanent connection methods here.

  1. Alligator Clip Method:with alligator clip

You can use this method to make a temporary connection between two wires. This is a very easy and quick method to connect the wires within seconds.

For this method, you only have to bring the alligator clips to join the wires. If you have the alligator clips, then you can immediately do this method of joining the wires together.

Using this method, you can avoid any short circuits and reverse polarity if there is a chance of any breakage between the wires.

So that’s why we are calling it a temporary solution. For this, You just have to strip the ends of the joining wires and ensure these wires have been twisted before. Now take both ends parallel to each other and snap the alligator clip on the wires together. This alligator clip will clamp the virus and complete the circuit without causing any trouble.

  1. Wire connectors/terminal blocks:connect the wires with wire connectors

If you are interested in the medium-strength method of connecting the wires, you can use the wire connectors. This is also one of the easiest ways of connecting both wires.

You have need to buy a wire connector to help you connect both wires. The method is the same as the first one to some extent; here, you just have to use the wire connector or the terminal block instead of the alligator clip.

Join the striped ends of both wires using the wire connector or the terminal block and keep twisting until the connection gets tighter.

  1. Electrical method:connect the wires with electrical method

This is also a medium-strong method of connecting the wires in which you use a specific electric tape to connect both ends of the wires.

You can use this method where you require a strong connection and call it a permanent connection.

For this, you have to twist the ends of the wires and then join them together by wrapping the electrical tape around them. Ensure you wrap enough electrical tape to provide them with insulation and a strong connection.

  1. Crimping method:connect the wires with crimping method

You can use this method if you want a strong connection between two wires. For this method, you should have cord crimps and a crimping tool.

For this method, you have to strip the wires and then place both ends of the cables into the cord crimp; after this, place those crimps in the crimping tool.

Now put the pressure on the crimping tool until it bends the cord crimp in a U-shaped structure; after this, test the strength of your connection by pulling the wires out.

If the wires get pulled out, you don’t need to be sad as this method requires some practice so that you can try it again for more accuracy this time.

  1. Hot glue method:with hot glue method

This is another amazing method you can use if you want a strong connection between two wires.

This is one of the strongest and easy methods of joining the two wires together without using the soldering iron. You have to buy a hot glue gun available easily in the market. Now you have to heat your hot glue gun so the glue can get hot enough.

After your glue gets heated up now, you have to apply the glue by putting the nozzle near the wires upon which you want a connection by applying the glue. After applying the glue, you must spread it over the whole area. You must use a pencil or a small stick to help you spread the glue in a specific area.

This glue will get cold very easily, and in the end, it will not only provide the connection between the wires but will also give an insulation cover to them. So that’s why we call it the strongest and the easiest way of connecting the wires.

Final verdict

We have told you some amazing methods of connecting the wires without using the soldering iron. You will easily learn these methods from this article, as every explanation is available here. Now it is your responsibility to choose a suitable method for your connection because it depends upon the type of connection you want for yourself.

Use any of the above-explained methods with accuracy and join your breaking wires together without getting into the trouble of using the soldering iron.

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