How to Install Cgminer on a Raspberry Pi

How to Install Cgminer on a Raspberry Pi

Installing Cgminer on a Raspberry Pi is a popular way to turn your device into a cryptocurrency mining rig. Cgminer is a powerful software that allows you to mine different types of cryptocurrencies. In this tutorial, we will guide you step-by-step on how to install cgminer on a raspberry pi. Whether you are new to mining or have experience, this guide will help you set up your Raspberry Pi for successful mining.

People with prior knowledge of Bitcoin mining often need help with problems while installing cgminer. Well, it doesn’t look very easy, but once you understand the whole procedure, it will go effortless for you, so installing the cgminer for mining is beneficial in different ways. You can get it installed by a professional also, but it is always good to perform these types of tasks on your own so that no one can harm you, as, after all, this is a matter of cryptocurrency.

So to save yourself from fraud, taking each step with proper guidance and on your own is always beneficial. So to start this journey, you will first need advice regarding installing cgminer on the raspberry pi.

What is cgminer?What is cgminer

Cgminer has a big name in the world of Bitcoin; if you want to do mining with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, it is only possible with a cross-platform program like cgminer.

Cgminer is a proper software for the mining of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Different script algorithms are used in this process, and with the help of some famous mining hardware, the mining of Bitcoin is done by millions of people nowadays. So a cgminer is required for this purpose.

Importance of installing cgminer

This world always remains searching for incredible things, and electronic cash comes into this market with this search. Although cryptocurrency is not like a cherry on the top for everyone, people are still moving towards it and getting excellent benefits.

To find the best way of getting Bitcoin, people often choose one of two ways: mining or purchasing Bitcoin. Both have advantages, but mining is getting more popular than buying.

So for mining Bitcoin, a good network is required. A platform is essential at which you can further lead the procedure. So Cgminer acts as that platform and helps you start your Bitcoin mining without delay. That’s why it is very important to know how to install cgminer.

People found it difficult to install cgminer on a raspberry pi, but with a constant concentration on the guide, you can efficiently perform this task at home.

How to install cgminer on a raspberry pi?

It is essential to understand the whole procedure of installing the cgminer on raspberry pi; otherwise, you can get stuck at some point, as it will cause a delay in your Bitcoin mining. Following the guide will make it easier for everyone to install the cgminer on the raspberry pi.

Prior installation needs:

Before installing the cgminer on your raspberry pi, you have to make a few arrangements to ensure the successful installation of cgminer raspberry pi. So make the following essential needs and then install the cgminer.

Arrange ssh cable:

To install cgminer on your raspberry pi, you have to connect the raspberry pi with an appropriate ssh cable. Without an ssh cable, you cannot proceed with the procedure. So arrange a working ssh cable to get started with the installation method.

Update software:

Make sure that all the software of your raspberry pi is already updated. Wait to start the installation procedure if you think that the software of your pi needs an update because it will cause a severe hurdle for you in the way of your installation of cgminer. Pre-check them all and then move forward.

Operating system:

The operating system of your raspberry pi should be updated and working. Without an appropriate operating system like the Raspbian Operating system, you cannot install cgminer on that raspberry pi.

Before moving towards the installation step, you should know how to prepare your raspberry pi to install the cgminer. Any negligence will lead to a severe problem, and the installation will get canceled and canceled again if you do not meet the necessary needs.

Here is a quick guide on installing Cgminer on a Raspberry Pi.

  1. First, make sure your Raspberry Pi is up-to-date by running the following commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

  1. Next, install the necessary dependencies for Cgminer by running the following command:

sudo apt-get install autoconf automake libtool pkg-config libcurl4-openssl-dev libudev-dev

  1. Download the latest version of Cgminer by running the following command:

git clone

  1. Navigate to the Cgminer directory by running the following command:

cd cgminer

  1. Configure the build by running the following command:


  1. Next, run the following command to configure the build for Raspberry Pi:

CFLAGS=”-O2 -mfpu=neon-vfpv4″ ./configure –enable-bitforce –enable-icarus

  1. Finally, build and install Cgminer by running the following commands:


sudo make install

That’s it! It would be best to have Cgminer installed on your Raspberry Pi. Remember that Cgminer is primarily used for mining cryptocurrencies and requires specialized hardware.

How to install cgminer on a raspberry pi step-by-step guide?

After making your raspberry pi able to install the cgminer, now is the right time to install the cgminer on your raspberry and start your Bitcoin mining journey with cgminer.

  • Cgminer software dependency

The installation of cgminer on the raspberry pi has a few destinations. The first one is the cgminer software dependency. So you cannot directly install the cgminer on the raspberry pi with just one click.

You first have to enter some necessary sudo commands and then install the Cgminer software dependency on your raspberry pi, which will then provide a specific space for the cgminer to get installed on your raspberry pi.

  • Download Cgminer

Now is the time to click the download button and install your cgminer on the raspberry pi. So without any further delay, download the cgminer software. Give a right click and download Cgminer software on raspberry pi.

  • Decompress Cgminer file

After downloading the cgminer software file, you cannot use it simultaneously because you must decompress it. Often the zip file is downloaded for the cgminer software, so use it and get your required work from it. You have to decompress it with the help of some appropriate commands.

  • Configuration of software

After successfully installing the cgminer on the raspberry pi, you have to configure it. So for this necessary configuration, you have to use a device like Block Erupter. This device will help you configure your Cgminer software; you also have to give a specific command.

  • Check the installation

Congratulations! You have done it all well, and now the cgminer software has got installed on your raspberry pi. To check the installation, you can go back to the homepage of your pi. There you will see the cgminer got installed.

Now you can start the next steps of Bitcoin mining, including the formation of the Bitcoin wallet. With the help of the Bitcoin wallet, you can quickly enter into a mining pool from which you can start the journey of Bitcoin mining whole successfully.

Final Verdict

It’s easy to install cgminer software on the raspberry pi. People find it difficult because they need to pay more attention to the necessary deeds you have to do to install the Cgminer software for mining Bitcoin. And because of this, the installation repeatedly fails, making it challenging to proceed successfully with the mining.

So before moving towards installing the Cgminer, first pay proper attention to the requirements of the Cgminer software; for this, you have to prepare your raspberry pi to install the accurate file of the Cgminer. And then, by using the appropriate keys and following the proper guidance, you can do it easily without any external help.

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