How to Set the Gain on an Amp with a Multimeter

Set the Gain on an Amp with a Multimeter

This is a quick and simple guide on correctly setting the gain on an amp with a multimeter. When it comes to the amplification of car audio, then people often take it the wrong way.

The amplifier’s amplification means that you will control the gain of your amplifier. You can do this by knowing the amplifier’s exact input level and the stereo’s output level.

After this, you will be able to set the gain of the amplifier, which helps you protect it from any damage. Along with it, you can enjoy the maximum car audio sound after managing the gain of your amplifier.

Multimeters can help us in this matter. We can use the multimeter to set the gain of the amplifier so that it will not get damaged on the way and give you the maximum output.

Why set the gain on an amp with the multimeter?

If you set the gain of the amplifier with the multimeter, you get the full sound of your audio equipment in your vehicle. It also helps set your amplifier according to its required AC voltage. Because if any voltage differences occur in the future, your equipment can get damaged if you have not tested it out.

Using a multimeter for this purpose is beneficial because it is convenient to use a multimeter for anyone as it doesn’t require any specific experience; it also gives exact results. Moreover, you don’t have to use different equipment because the multimeter gives you different services for measuring resistance, voltage, and capacitance in one place.

How to set the gain on an amp with a multimeteran Amp with a Multimeter

Although setting the gain on the amp is easy, it still requires the steps below to be followed precisely.

To set the gain on an amplifier with a multimeter, you first need to

  • Turn off all the switches of the speaker wire and take the readings of sensitivity gain, loudness, EQ functions, and bass boost to zero.
  • Then low, the input voltage to the amplifier.
  • Now take the volume at the highest point.
  • Measure the resistance of the speaker by using a multimeter.
  • Now calculate the total voltage output of the amplifier.
  • Adjust the multimeter probes in respective jacks.
  • Measure the recommended Ac voltage.

If you want to set the gain of your amplifier by using the multimeter, follow the steps we explain below briefly.

A step-by-step guide to set the gain on an amp with a multimeter

  1. First, you should disconnect the positive wires of the speaker from the amplifier, which are connected to the positive terminal of the amplifier.
  2. Now it’s time to lower all the EQ functions, including processing, loudness, bass, bass boost, and rhythm action.
  3. After this, ensure you have put the value of sensitivity gain to zero.
  4. Now it is time to set the volume. For this, you have to maximize the head unit and radio volume simultaneously.
  5. If you multiply the resulting value by 0.75, you will get a 75% value of the total volume.
  6. Now here, as we have to set the gain, it is necessary to determine the voltage needed.
  7. For this, some formulas are essential to follow.
  8. The equation is Voltage= square root of watts×resistance.
  9. Put all the resulting values in the equation and take the calculation.
  10. Now check out the speaker’s resistance for this one probe of the multimeter will go in the input jack and the second one in the negative lead.
  11. Now calculate the output value of the AC voltage of the amplifier.
  12. When calculating the output, ensure no wires and speakers are in contact with the amplifier; otherwise, the resulting Ac voltage value will not be correct.
  13. Now connect one probe of the multimeter with the output terminal of the amplifier and the main probe with the positive terminal, the negative probe in the negative terminal.
  14. So as all the wires are set in their right places, turn the music on and listen carefully.
  15. See if you notice any distortion in the music and other distracting noises.
  16. If not, then you have done it perfectly now, and the gain of your amplifier has been set correctly.


If you feel the distortion in the sound coming from your amplifier, it needs some checkup. For this, you can set the gain of your amplifier, and the multimeter will rescue you under this condition.

Follow all the above-explained steps carefully and step by step. Set the gain of your amplifier by knowing the AC voltage output of your amplifier. Knowing the basic systems of all your types of equipment is important. We give you the proper guidance so that you can correctly set up all your equipment, including the amplifier.

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