At What Temperature does Solder Melt?

what temperature does Solder Melt

If you are in dire need of identifying the right temperature at which the solder melts so. In that case, this article will be beneficial for you to understand “at what temperature does solder melt.”

Solder is a metal alloy made of tin and lead and can be melted with the help of hot iron. It would help if you had a high temperature for the huge solder joint compared to the solder joint, which is a tiny, small solder joint. The melting is one of the main differences between the solder and the welding.

The soft soldier’s melting point ranges from 90 ͦ C to 450 ͦ C. It primarily uses in plumping, sheet metal work, and electronics. The alloy which melts between 180 and 190 ͦ C is most commonly used. For the copper, the soldering is performed at the Temperature of 350 ͦ F to 600 ͦ F.

What is solder?What is solder

It is like a nonferrous metallic element with a low melting point of approximately 200 degrees Celsius. The composition of the solder relies upon the type. The solder contains the tin-lead or both of them.

The solder has various kinds, like stick wire pallets. The wire form of the solder comes from standard soldering, and the stick and pallet form of the solder comes from the solder pots. The soldiers are also available in different colors, like copper, silver, bronze, and brass.

The Types of Solders with the Melting Temperature

  1. Lead-free solder

The lead alloy solder is mainly referred to as the standard solder used in electronics. Some reports are related to health issues. It is health risk-free, and it is mostly costlier in its price. For this, a high-temperature flux is required. The melting point is approximately 230 degrees Celsius.

  1. 50/50

This solder type is mainly made up of half a part with the tin and half with the lead. It is not so reliable for use in electronics.

It uses for the plumbing box, and It has a higher melting point.

  1. 60/40

This type of solder is made of the 60$tin and the 40%lead. It has a melting point of 180 degrees Celsius. It has the advantage of the eutectic component; It is straightforward to work with it. The reason behind this is that it creates the lesser bad joints.

The zinc content determines the melting point of the solder. If the zinc content is higher, the melting temperature will be lower. Remember that there is no exact melting point for the solder. The different manufacturer has different specification. So while purchasing the solder, you should be able to check the melting temperature.

What is the Soldering Iron?What is the Soldering Iron

The soldering iron is essential mainly when the amount of the temperature is used for melting the solder. It helps in determining the type of temperature.

The temperature-controlling solder iron ensures that the tip contains the Proper Temperature. But the same as the soldering station, but it is expensive. When you want to make the perfect soldering process, you don’t need to make any guesses on the TemperatureTemperature of the tip.

You can use different equipment for this purpose: TID-A digital multimeter and the TID-A  thermostat. The equipment of high quality requires the precise reading of the TemperatureTemperature for excellent soldering performance.

At what temperature does Solder Melt?At what temperature does Solder Melt

If you are facing the problem of melting the solder, you should increase the heat a little. But when you buy any component, it is suggested to lower the temperature. The solder 60\40 is made up of 60%tin and 40% lead. So the melting point relies on the exact position.

The melting point is around 190 ͦ C. the iron tip temperature is about 300 ͦ C. it is so soft that’s why the cracks don’t form in the case when the joint moves during cooling. For heating the piece of the metal to that melting point of the solder, you can use anything but the best choice is to use the butane lighter.

There are three kinds of solder available which are given below:

  • Lead-free solder
  • Lead-based solder
  • Flux-core solder

There is another type of solder known as silver alloy solder. This type of solder is made up of the composition of the alloy. Many solder forms are available, which rely on the core style and application.

The manufacturers most use hot glue to join the solder joints. It helps in covering any bare wire within heat shrink. It is safe to do. Some best solder that you can utilize in the electronics.

  • Kester solder
  • Maiyam solder
  • Autor solder wire
  • Canfield solder


I suggest you use lead-free solder In case of health and environmental concerns because they are the best to use and give you safety. It would help if you kept practicing. It will improve your soldering skills. The smaller tip is not so efficient but provides more precision when soldering.

When the iron tip is not clean, you will face heat transfer issues. So, in this case, the solder cannot melt entirely; you will end up with cold joints. So to prevent this, you must clean the soldering tools when you complete your work with them.

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