How to Hide Wires in Exposed Ceiling

Hide Wires in Exposed Ceiling

We have exposed electrical wires in our ceiling because many electrical items like fans, bulbs, and small LED lights are on the ceiling. They all need an electrical current to run. The electrical current is to access these items through electrical wires, but what if these wires are exposed from the ceiling? The scene looks very messy and badly managed. The wires in your ceiling can be an eyesore and a hazard. Here are some creative ideas for hiding wires in your ceiling. Learn how to hide wires in the exposed ceiling.

To give a good and attractive look to your place, it is important to hide these exposed wires on your ceilings so that no one can see them. There are so many different options you can use to hide these exposed ceiling electric wires. However, it depends upon the taste of the person itself.

Some people give these wires an aesthetic look and manage them on their ceiling without hiding them, but most people like to hide them so that only the electrical gadgets are seen able, and their place can look more appealing.

Here in this article, you will get some amazing ideas for hiding the exposed ceiling wires for which you don’t have to call any electrician. By following these given ideas, you can also do this on your own.

How to hide wires in the exposed ceiling?How to hide wires in the exposed ceiling

You can follow the following ideas to hide the exposed wires in your ceiling.

  • Run the wires from holes in the ceiling.
  • Use these wires for decoration by giving a specific pattern
  • Use the code concealer covers
  • Paint these exposing wires
  • Apply Crown molding
  • Drop ceiling
  • Use the ceiling box

These all are the options which you can choose to hide your exposing ceiling electrical wires. Now it depends upon you what option you will choose to hide the exposing electrical wires of your place. Here we will guide you on using these innovative ideas to hide the exposed electrical wires on your ceiling.

Run the wires from holes in the ceiling:

To avoid getting in extra trouble, you can use this amazing option of drilling the small holes in your ceiling and running the exposed electrical wires from these holes. This will help you to hide these exposed ceiling wires.

It now depends upon the condition of the place and the pattern of the wires whether this option will work, but you can try it at least once. If your place is so big and you have to drill so many holes in your ceiling, it might not work for you, so you are advised to go for the second option or so many other options we will explain further.

Use these wires for decoration by giving a specific pattern:

Some people have a mind-blowing aesthetic sense, so sometimes they don’t like to hide so many things underground or under the ceiling, so they like exposing materials.

In this case, the best idea in the matter of exposing electrical wires can be that you can give them an amazing design on the ceilings so that they don’t look messy and give an amazing look that seems attractive to the visitors. The best option for these people is to add these exposing wires to your design scheme.

You can explore the internet and get many ideas for designing the wires there. So you can give so many different shapes to your wires. You can also patch amazing creative stickers on these wires. The more you have the design sense, the more appealing it will look.

Use the code concealer covers:

Suppose you want to spend less time and money designing these exposing electrical wires. In that case, you can go for this amazing option where you have to install the code concealer covers on these exposed electrical wires. These covers are made of plastic and are available at all stores where electrical materials are sold.

You have to buy the cord concealer covers according to your place’s required width and length. You can also choose the colors in it according to the paint of your ceiling and walls; these are easily stickable.

These can hide the exposed wires, but they sometimes look exposed. If you apply them all along the sides of the ceiling, it will look good, but if you apply them in the small area between the ceiling, it might not look good.

Again! it depends upon your taste and your demand for your choice.

Paint these exposing wires:

It will be fun to do this. You can paint the exposed wires the same color as the ceiling so they will not look so exposing.

It is a very cheap idea, and anyone can choose this idea. If you don’t want much effort to do in the case of hiding the exposed wires, then go for this option.

But this idea will not look good if you have a big bundle of wires running here and there on your ceiling. If you can sort out this mismanaged bundle of exposing electrical wires, you can try this option after managing it.

Apply crown molding:

If you want to install crown molding, it will look sophisticated. There are different designs available in crown molding. You can paint them according to your favorite color also. Crown molding gives a very subtle look to the room.

If you have exposed wires around the sides of your ceiling, then go for the crown molding option. It will be the very best idea.

Drop ceiling:

Installing a drop ceiling is a fancy idea of hiding the exposed wires on the ceiling. Most offices have these kinds of ceilings as it gives an elegant look to the place, but sometimes these are also used in homes.

Drop ceilings come in different colors and designs. If you have so many exposed wires in all your ceiling, then you can use this amazing idea because the drop ceiling will be installed on the whole ceiling.

Use the ceiling box:

You can choose this option if you have wires in the form of groups. You can buy colored ceiling boxes, or you can also paint them. Are they paint-able or not? It depends upon their type, so you can ask the shopkeeper about the qualities of the ceiling box before buying it. Installing the ceiling box will give your ceiling an amazing look, so you can use this option to hide the exposed ceiling wires in groups.

The benefit of hiding exposing wires:

Many people still do not pay attention to hiding the exposed wires on their ceilings. The first thing that comes to our mind is the beauty of the place, which gets ruined if the place has so many exposed wires.

But the other thing is that these wires should be hidden by any concealer, at least because the exposed wires are more vulnerable to any damage.

No matter if they are present on the ceiling or the walls, they should be concealed or covered by an insulator at least so that no external or physical factor can damage the wiring at your place. If you see any exposed wires at any place, you should ask the owner of that place to cover them to avoid any future damage.

Final verdict:

Exposing wires look very bad, no matter if they are on the ceiling of an office, workplace, or home. People who like decorating their places often look for an innovative and best idea for hiding the wires, especially on their ceilings.

So here you have found many different and amazing ideas for hiding the exposed wires on the ceilings. Many of these ideas can also apply to exposed wires on the walls.

So you have to choose any of the above-mentioned options according to your needs, preferences, and budget. Try any of these mentioned ideas of hiding the exposed wires and ceiling and give an appealing look to your place.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the simple tape to pile the wires together in a group before applying code concealer covers?

Before installing the code concealer cover, you are advised to use electrical tape to pile the wires in groups.

What option will be best to avoid exposing wires if I don’t want to buy any extra material?

You can arrange the exposing wires in a specific pattern that can go with your ceiling and your place. You can also get them painted along with your ceiling, so they do not look bad.

What if I want to avoid making any effort to hide the exposed wires? Is it dangerous to leave them so?

Yes, it can be dangerous to leave the wires exposed. If you don’t want to make any effort yourself in this regard, then you should call an expert. They will only charge a small amount of money to you but leaving them as it is, is not a good option and is also very dangerous.

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