How to Test Coax Cable Signal With Multimeter

learn how to test coax cable signal with multimeter

Do you want to test the signal strength of a coax cable but can’t figure out how to test the coax cable signal with a multimeter? In this experiment, you will learn how to test the coax cable signal with a multimeter step by step to confirm that your connections are working correctly.

Coaxial cable is the most popular type of cable used for long-distance communication. We use coaxial cable in local and wide area networks (LANs) networks (WANs). 

The signal strength of cables is easy to measure with a multimeter, allowing you to know how strong your signal is between two points at any distance. 

The Instruments you need in This Experiment.

The following instruments are necessary for this project:

  • Multimeter (with probes)
  • Coax cable (with connectors)
  • Coax cable tester and cutter/stripper tool(s)
  • Crimp tool.

If you do not own one, pick up a piece of wire cutters or pliers with needle-nose pliers at any hardware store. 

Testing Coax Cable Signal with MultimeterTesting Coax Cable Signal

Before starting with the testing, let’s first understand what a multimeter is and its use in our daily life. 

A multimeter is an instrument that measures voltage, current, and resistance along with other parameters. It can be used daily by professionals working on any electrical project or workstation needing accurate readings.

The most common devices used for testing cables are multimeters. Showing the voltage strength at different points along the line (usually between 2-4 feet apart).

So it’s essential not only to know how far apart these points should be but also how much power each point has before making any decision regarding installation, repair, or replacement.

Verifying the Signal Strength of your Coax Cables

To test your coax cable, insert a black probe into the COM port and a red probe into the VmAΩ port on the multimeter.

Adjust the multimeter to read between 100 and 200 milliamps.

Connect one end of your meter’s lead wire to one side of your coaxial cable (the top). Connect the second probe to an open port on any device, component, or both sides. 

For example, if the television is connected via an HDMI cable, you would connect one end of this lead wire to an open port on its HDMI output panel. Similarly, for any other component, such as VCRs or DVD players, where applicable!

Once everything has connected according to the above instructions. Turn on whatever device/component was tested earlier in this tutorial by pressing the power button until the lights come on. It indicates that they’re ready for use again after being shut down earlier while testing purposes alone.


The best way to test your coax cable signal is with a multimeter. This will give you the most accurate results and ensure no issues with your signal. You must only follow these steps once per cable to confirm its condition and quality.

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