How to Use an Innova 3306 Multimeter

Innova 3306 multimeter

If you like the facilities an Innova 3306 multimeter offers, you must know the proper procedure for using that multimeter. You have come here to get the appropriate guidance regarding using the Innova 3306 multimeter, which has a wide variety of uses and trustable durability. In this post, you’ll learn how to use Innove 3306 multimeter.

A multimeter is a versatile electrical tool used in homes and garages for many purposes. The people who use these gadgets will know that many companies are offering their designed Multimeters. All the multimeters have the same functions to some extent, but the difference may be in their working efficiency and costs. 

What is the Innova 3306 multimeter?

Innova 3306 Multimeter tests batteries, wires, sockets, and many other electrical appliances. It is a manual device that is used by a wide range of people. Suppose you have enough knowledge regarding electrical systems. In that case, it will be very easy for you to go with the Innova 3306 multimeter because it has a basic design like most other widely used multimeters worldwide.

People are now in the previously launched 3300 series of multimeters because they have a proper manual system that any experienced electrician and a simple household man can operate.

How to use an Innova 3306 multimeter

There is a quick overview of using an Innova 3306 multimeter. 

  • Check out the AC voltage to see whether it is getting appropriately supplied.
  • Measure the continuity to know any physical damage to the wire.
  • You should know the Voltage of the battery because of which you will see the battery state.
  • Check out the functioning of your campground.

Here is a brief guideline for using an Innova 3306 multimeter, which you can get guidance using this multimeter step by step.

  • You must check your appliance’s voltage supply first to know the issue.
  • Now check the working of the inverter.
  • Look for any damage and cuts in the wire by checking the continuity of the circuit.
  • Verify that the campground is supplying the voltage roundabout 110 and 240 volts.
  • Check the pedestal properly.
  • Now it’s time to set the multimeter according to your need.
  • There are many dials available on the multimeter, which you can adjust accordingly.
  • You can change the dial over resistance, Voltage, and continuity. It depends upon your purpose for using the Innova 3306 multimeter.
  • After adjusting the dial to the exact point, adjust the sub-dials to set a proper measurement scale.
  • You will get symbols like “m,” which refers to one thousandth, “V~” which means AC Voltage, “A” for amps, “K” means one thousand, and “M” for one million.
  • Now it depends upon you on what scale you want to go with.
  • Adjust the dials and join the probes at specific ports.
  • Now check the measurement.
  • See the LCD screen to read out the resulting measurement.
  • After getting your result, switch off the voltage supply to the multimeter.

Benefits of using Innova 3306 multimeter

  • It is considered the most reliable multimeter because of some reasons.
  • The Innova 3306 multimeter has a multifunctional system which seems very helpful for people who like to have essential gadgets to save themselves from sudden electrical damage.
  • It is a basic as well as a simple-to-use electrical tool.
  • The results are reliable.
  • It has a wide range of users, so trust is building up.
  • Innova 3306 multimeter has a reasonable cost range from 15 to 30 dollars which anyone can easily afford.

Components of an Innova 3306 multimeter

Before using it, a basic understanding of the parts and components of the Innova 3306 multimeter is necessary. So here, the components of this multimeter are explained, so you will be able to understand better the options and the functions of the different keys of this multimeter.

  • Like all other multimeters, Innova 3306 also contains ports that connect the probes while using the multimeter for any purpose.
  • The Black and Red probes are used to take the measurements here.
  • A selection dial is also available by which you can select corresponding electrical scales to take the measurements.
  • The LCD screen is available from which you will read the results at the end.

Function and uses of Innova 3306 multimeter

  • The primary function of Innova 3306 is to check out the continuity, resistance, Voltage, and Short to ground conditions.
  • You can check the continuity by attaching the red probe with mAVΩ. So with checking the resistance and Voltage also.
  • The black probe is always going to attach to the COM probe.
  • This is the ground point of the electrical circuit.

The symbols and subunits on Innova 3306

  • DC VOltage V ⎓
  • AC Voltage V∽
  • Ohms
  • Continuity
  • AC and DC amps A⎓ and A∽

Subunits on Innova 3306:

  • Micro amps 
  • Milli (thousands part)
  • M (mega or million)
  • K (Kilo)
  • μ (Micro or millionth part)


Regarding the multimeters, everyone wants to go with the best one. So Innova 3306 will be your best choice if you are a person who likes to keep a proper check on the basics going on in the electrical world of your place.

The manual system is quite simple and easy to handle. The usage depends upon you, but it gives you dependable results every time. Its cost is also reasonable and is part of the list of top-used multimeters worldwide. That’s why you can get it without thinking anymore.

So the 3306 multimeter will be ready to facilitate you with its amazing features if you have learned this tool’s proper functioning and properties in this article.

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