How to Use a Cen Tech Multimeter

Cen Tech Multimeter

A Cen Tech Multimeter is essential for testing electrical circuits and troubleshooting. This article explains how to use it. When choosing a reliable multimeter, users often use the CEN tech one. Although the working is as similar as the other multimeters, cen tech continues to launch their new models, which puts the user difficulty using them correctly.

Let us clarify one thing all the models have similar usage processes. So no matter which model you buy, the multimeter will take the same steps to give you the results.

Still, people don’t know the exact process of using the multimeters. CEN tech digital multimeter has a simple and easy-to-handle interface, but sometimes people find it difficult to operate it accurately. It may be because of fear of damage in the users’ minds.

Here we will give you a brief guideline regarding using the CEN tech multimeter accurately and getting your immediate results.

Purpose of using cen tech multimeter

We know that multimeters test many things, including resistance, voltage and capacitance. The same is the case with the CEN tech multimeter.

This multimeter can check the voltage, current, resistance, batteries, continuity, diodes and transistors. Checking all these terms is simple, but you should know how to make your multimeter ready to check these terms.

Settings of the CEN tech multimeterA CEN tech Multimeter

It is good to know about this multimeter’s settings because without understanding it, it will be difficult for you to carry out different tests.

  • You will see the main dial when you see the CEN tech multimeter.
  • We know we can use this cen tech multimeter for many purposes, so we must first select the right position for the dial.
  • Turn the dial on the corresponding point according to the measurements you want.
  • After selecting the position, you have to choose the sensitivity measurement by turning the dial.
  • After setting the dial, now look for the other parts of this multimeter.
  • On the right side, you will see 3 ports.
  • The first one on the top is a 10ADC
  • The second is the V-ohm-mA, and the third is COM Jack.
  • Here we have to put the leads which come with the multimeter.
  • You will get the leads of white and red color with the multimeter.
  • Now which lead goes in what number of jack depends upon the type of test you are going to do.
  • After this, look on the left side; here, you will see a multipin transistor jack.
  • You will use this jack while testing the transistors.
  • An LED display power button is also available on the left side.
  • You have to turn ON/OFF at the correct times.

Now let’s move towards using this cen tech multimeter for different purposes.

How to use a CEN tech multimeter to check the AC and DC Voltage

It is the purpose for which the cen tech multimeter is used most of the time. You must follow the following steps to check the current and voltage using a CEN tech multimeter.

  • The very first step is to turn the dial on the AC voltage.
  • Select the measurement of 750AC.
  • Now put the black lead in COM Jack and the red lead in the V-ohm-mA jack.
  • Take the readings by touching the leads with exposed wires.
  • If the resulting readings are close to 250 volts, turn the multimeter’s dial to 250 Volts.
  • It will give you an accurate measurement of the AC voltage.
  • To check the DC Voltage, the only change you have to make here is in the position of the dial.
  • Move the dial to the 1000 DC Voltage.
  • Now again, touch the leads with the exposed wires of the circuit.
  • Check out the readings.

How to use a cen tech multimeter to check the resistance and continuity

If you want to check the resistance and the continuity by using the cen tech multimeter, then you would have to follow the given steps.

  • To check the resistance accurately, ensure no current should run in the circuit.
  • The voltage should mark zero.
  • Put the red and black leads in V-ohm-mA and COM Jack, respectively.
  • Now it’s time to give the dial its accurate position.
  • For this, you have to put the dial on the 200 ohms.
  • Now join the test leads to the exposed wires of the circuit to get the readings.
  • Look at the display screen.
  • If you see 1 there, then again, turn the dial in an anticlockwise direction.
  • Keep repeating this step until you get a result other than 1.
  • To check the continuity of the circuit, the only change you have to make is to take the dial on 200k ohms.
  • If you get 1 result, then it means the circuit is open.
  • If you get any of the results except 1, then it means the circuit is closed.

How to check the batteries by using the cen tech multimeter

You can also use the cen tech multimeter to check the batteries because it can quickly check the batteries at 9V, AAA, C-cell, D-cell and AA. You can follow the guidelines for checking the batteries by using the cen tech multimeter.

  • Mark the position of the dial of the CEN tech multimeter at the ACV
  • Put the black lead of the multimeter in the COM Jack and the red lead into the V-ohm-mA jack as done before.
  • Now take the tip of the red lead and connect it with the positive terminal.
  • Similarly, take the tip of the black lead and connect it with the negative terminal.
  • Check the display screen for the readings.

Do not use the cen tech multimeter for checking the batteries with a voltage between 6 and 12 volts. Some car batteries with these voltages may be checked using the voltmeter.

How to check the diodes by using the cen tech multimeter

To check the diodes using the cen tech multimeter, you have to follow a few steps below.

  • To check the condition of the diode, we have to test the voltage drop of that diode.
  • This first step is to turn the dial on the diode point.
  • After that, connect the Red and black leads on their corresponding jacks.
  • Connect the Red lead at the V-ohm-mA jack and the black lead with the COM Jack.
  • Turn the meter on and check the readings.
  • You will get the readings in millivolts.

Final verdict

You can choose the cen tech multimeter as a good choice while choosing the best multimeter for yourself. Because it will give you accurate readings, the system is very easy to use.

The process of using this multimeter is relative to any of the other basic multimeters, but it gives reliable results. Moreover, you can also check the batteries and the condition of diodes while using this multimeter efficiently. You can read in detail check the manual of the cen tech multimeter.

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